The Finnish Cryonics Society welcomes all Nordic cryonicists to a meeting with presentations and round-table discussions about regional capacity-building and organizational development.

Following breakthroughs in cryopreservation and the establishment of the first European cryonics organization, Tomorrow Biostasis, interest in cryonics is growing faster than ever before. To ensure that individuals signing up for cryopreservation will receive the best quality cryopreservations, there is a need to strengthen regional capabilities. The First Nordic Cryonics Forum aims to address this need.

The meeting will feature talks by leading international cryonicists Aschwin de Wolf, Owner and CEO of Advanced Neural Biosciences, and Emil Kendziorra, Founder and CEO of Tomorrow Biostasis, as well as overviews of the Finnish and Swedish cryonics associations. Ample time will be reserved for discussions among participants for how to strengthen cryonics capabilities in the Nordic region.

Where: Ryhmätila Aurora, Helsinki, Finland or remotely through Zoom.

When: Sunday, April 17 at 14.00 in Finland (13.00 in Denmark, Norway, Sweden; 10.00 in Iceland).

Interested parties should register with Henri Heinonen,, by April 15 at the latest. Please specify if you plan to attend in person or by Zoom. The link to attend the meeting remotely will be e-mailed to all registered participants on Saturday, April 16.